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Garrick (FreeAmericaNetwork) on Gab

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Garrick (FreeAmericaNetwork) on Gab
Anthony # SCARAMUCCI BIO: Scaramucus 666 (also called Scaramucus Often Firus) 5:5 # SerialBrain2 https://www. omments/cpvxsk/epstein_secured_scaramucci_and_maher_nervous_lets/ Did you know Scaramucci turned his hedge fund Skybridge from a $666 million fund to a $7.2 billion within 5 years as proudly reported here? You caught the first 666, but did you catch the second one? Yes: 7.2=0.6+6.6. Coincidence? How about his first hedge fund Oscar Capital Management he founded in 1996 after he left Goldman Sachs? Did you catch it? O=15, C=3 which leads to 18=6+6+6. Coincidence? How many illuminati bloodlines? Yes:13=M. Mooch coded in his company’s initials: “Hey guys,...
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