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CHERRY POP - ft. Libby Nash & Lennon Gallagher (Short Film)

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CHERRY POP In this light-hearted coming of age story, Lilly is turning 18 tomorrow and has one night to lose her virginity before she becomes a legal adult. Will it be what its all cracked up to be? The material may sensitive for some viewers. *CREDITS* WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY EVA NEUWIRTH PRODUCED BY CONNOR ROBINS DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY ALECIA KELTER CAMERA OPERATION ALECIA KELTER SOUND RECORDIST CIARA MARTIN CASTING CONNOR ROBINS EVA NEUWIRTH TITLE SEQUENCE REBECCA SNEDDON SPECIAL THANKS TO Brent Matheny EXECUTIVE PRODUCER JUDITH BURROWS CAST (In order of appearance) LIBBY NASH as LIBBY LENNON GALLAGHER as MILES...
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